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Meet Daniel Fogden

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Clare Valley

Daniel is a Footy and Cricket loving local, who as a teenager used to often, only be seen either on the footy field or in the cricket nets. As Daniel grew up in Kadina on the Yorke Peninsula, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, it was quite easy for his love of sport to grow. 

Nowadays, Daniel admits he is a little bit too old to play, so to keep active, he runs around after his two children Mia and Henry, and has taken up Squash. Although he doesn’t play anymore he is still footy mad and watches his beloved Crows every week, and locally he supports the Min Man Eagles, where he continues to be an active member of the committee.

Daniel is a Partner of Elders Insurance Gawler, Barossa & Clare Valley, and has over 23 years’ experience in the Insurance Industry. He is known for his expertise and for being the face of Insurance in the Clare Valley.

Daniel’s knowledge is second to none, and his ability to tailor insurance to suit farmers and business owners is a great strength. This grows from his appreciation and understanding of what is involved with running a business, and how important it is to have the correct policies in place.

Back to Daniel himself, he has a few minor quirks:

Firstly, he eats almost anything, he’s not fussy, except when it comes to Chocolate Ice Cream – he can’t stand the stuff!

Secondly, his favourite ever song is ‘Happy Boy, by the Beat Farmers’. By his own admission "It's a terrible, terrible song but once you have heard it, it will never leave you”. Here is the link if you’re game: 

His first job as a Teenager was in a Hardware Store, where he became a self proclaimed expert in tap washers. He also had to serve almost every customer on Saturday Mornings thanks to his senior fellow staff members being somewhat under the weather. 

His childhood footy idols were Greg Whittlesea and John Paynter when they were running around for Sturt. He reckons he’d ideally like to wear number 9 or 10 when playing footy.

On the cricket field he would mostly bat number 3, and bowl in the nets only. “None of my cricket captains ever fully appreciated my bowling ability so I didn’t bowl on Saturdays”.  


“I was captain for a number of years, but I had the same opinion as my other captains……Maybe I just couldn’t bowl?!”
Just for the record he was nowhere near as bad as the bloke in the centre image below:


Batting! - He went alright!
...Much like this bloke!


Bowling! - Ummm. Well he was better than this bloke!


Chocolate Ice Cream - Something that makes Daniel cringe!

His first ever car was a beautiful cream coloured Chrysler Sigma, with a brown vinyl roof. By his own admission “It wasn’t the coolest car, but it got me where I needed to be for a couple of years”. “It came complete with a fan on the dash!”

Back onto what Daniel does best, he greatly appreciates and understands the importance of Farmers and Small Businesses in a local community.

“Meeting with people that are passionate about their businesses or farms is one of the most enjoyable parts of my job” Daniel says. 

He admits “as I get to know people over a number of years, our meetings tend to become just as much as a social catch up, as a business discussion”.

This shows he cares about his local clients, relates to them, and is always willing to listen to their needs. 

Boof Bat Winner 1.jpg

Daniel, with local Farmer and Elders Insurance Cricket Competition Winner Bill Sandow.

Daniel can’t speak highly enough about the Clare Valley: “We are so lucky to live here - beautiful countryside, great people.  I don’t think I have a favourite thing, but I do love the options we have for eating out.  I love having friends from other areas stay and showing off the restaurants and wineries”.

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clare valley sheep.PNG

The Clare Valley

He also gets a lot of satisfaction from helping his clients at the times they need him most. “The most satisfaction I get from work is helping out when someone has had a major problem that we can help with. Whether it is a fire or vehicle accident, it is helping that customer when they really need your help and we can try and reduce the impact of something horrible that has happened to them”.

Daniel is married to wife Anita and has 2 children, Mia aged 12 and Henry aged 10.

Call Elders Insurance Gawler, Barossa & Clare Valley today and speak to the team about your Insurance.

The entire team is local, just like Daniel.

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