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Sir John Franklin Hotel Kapunda

Get to know... Phil!

Hardworking, reliable with a great sense of humour!

It’s highly likely, when you arrive at the Hotel, Phil’s smiling face will be there to greet you.
Whether you stay for two hours, or six, he’ll likely be the one also waving goodbye as you leave.

Phil is the master of keeping a straight face, while also stirring people up (in a friendly way of course).

Phil has 29 years in the Hotel Industry.

Before that he was an Apprentice Pastry Chef. Given the nature of working hours in these two industries, it seems Phil has always been either “up early”, or “in bed late”. No doubt this is why he notes his favourite past time as “short term sleep”.

Before he mastered the art of Hospitality, Phil specialised in making things with flour!

During his time as an Apprentice Pastry Chef, as a young lad, he often lifted Three Buschell Bags (156lb’s (or 76.6 kgs for you younger folk)). By his admission, it nearly killed him.

He’d much prefer to wash glasses, pour beers, serve UBET customers, take meal orders, tell jokes, share stories, burn the snack pizzas, and generally poke fun at the good people of Kapunda and surrounds!

As a teenager he had a massive love for cars. His first car was a ‘Charger’, and he spent many hours detailing the cars of family members, friends and neighbours.

Phil's first pride and joy - his Charger!!

His favourite sport is Footy, and his allegiances are with Essendon, and the Power.

He has a lovely Wife - Janice, and a beautiful Daughter Melissa.

His favourite part of the job is 2am closing time - although we’re not sure if it’s because it means the shift is almost over, or, because it’s the most entertaining part of the evening?!

He says he couldn’t get through a long shift without Coke, his Cool-Mints and Pain-killers.

The pain killers aren’t for headaches. They couldn’t be. His favourite song is Eminem ‘Lose Yourself’ which can’t be played quietly.

His favourite go to meal at the Sir John is a Chilli Chicken Parmy with pineapple and BBQ Sauce.

He says the most satisfying thing he has done for a customer is helping them get home in one piece. He also once helped a patron upstairs to bed, only to find out the patron had left and headed home before the night was out.

We asked Phil for 3 favourite attributes of the Sir John Franklin Hotel. As per his character, he gave us 7!!!
They are:

  1. Having the coldest beer in town.

  2. Having the cheapest beer, wine and spirits.

  3. Our wine is the largest serve.

  4. We have the only TAB/UBET in town.

  5. Friendly staff

  6. Best gaming room in the North

  7. Largest Beer Garden

Phil loves the wide variety of patrons that come to the Sir John Franklin. He also likes the family focused nature of the Hotel.

Phil’s work ethic, and character are a large part of what makes the Pub what it is.

He proudly states the silliest thing he has ever done at work is “I keep coming back for more”.

As you can see Phil has quite a sense of humour.
Why not head in sometime soon and see it for yourself!

He promises it's crispy, not burnt!!

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