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Sir John Franklin Hotel Kapunda

Get to know... Cara!

Hardworking, friendly, and full of beans – so long as she has her water bottle!!
Cara is no stranger to hard work.
Growing up in the Port and having a job at the age of 12 delivering mail, she has always been someone who enjoys working on her feet. 
You will find her smiling face, and characteristic dimples behind the bar at the Sir John Franklin Hotel, Kapunda.
It may have in-fact been the dimples which prompted a man to once propose to her after she poured him a beer. Either that, or he was just damn happy to receive that beer?!!

A Front Bar proposal!!
Boy the weather must have been warm, and the beer cold, that day!!

The Sir John Franklin Hotel is an interesting place.
There is always something happening, and, well “being proposed to” isn’t the strangest thing Cara has encountered while on a shift at the largest pub in town. 
She once ripped her pants at the very start of her shift, and yes all present heard and saw it happen!
She has also fought off a large crowd of persistent women to assist some Male Strippers to leave the premises in one piece (and with their clothes on).
She’s seen the locals dancing on tables to Madonna songs and aptly creating (Man)“Gyna”s.
She’s probably heard a thousand stories, and many more jokes in-between.
Cara loves the Country lifestyle, the “chilled out nature” of the fellow townsfolk, appreciates the stars in the sky, and she loves Kapunda. 
Her favourite part of the job is sharing a yarn with customers and laughing with many of the characters this town has to offer. 
Her favourite Sporting teams are also our local ones. 
Her car is a Ford Laser (a Ford – local icon and regular patron Darril Pfitzner would not be happy with this!)
And she is very competent at Dancing and Gymnastics (something which also helps her weave in and out of traffic on busy nights in-front of, or behind the bar)
She goes up a gear when “Push it” by Salt’n’Pepa comes on the Jukebox, and finds herself in an extremely good mood when she hears “Bring me to life” by Evanescence. 

Bring back the 90's.... well on the Jukebox anyway!!

She has a boyfriend, and a dog that is 2 years old. 
Cara believes the Sir John Franklin Hotel is the crown jewel in the Kapunda Hotel crown, and says its 3 best features are:
1)    Delicious meals at affordable prices – meals that fill you up!
2)    The Beer Garden which has a great choice of background music
3)    The fact we fill our wine glasses up.
Of course, the ‘Sir John’ is also wheelchair friendly, and is has the only UBET pub facility in town! 
If you’re thinking of having a drink or a meal, or if you are passing through Kapunda, call into the Sir John and experience the hospitality. Not just from Cara, but from all of its friendly staff. 
If you stay ‘til closing, you may see Cara’s smile drop to a frown, but only briefly (depending on how obedient you are). 
One thing you may not see, but will now know is happening, is that Cara will be enjoying a Tequila shot at the end her shift!

The famous dimples!

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